Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hello, and welcome to my blog.
Okay, I know I'm writing to nothingness here, because I haven't made this blog public yet, but hey, the first post has got to be made sometime. I won't advertise this blog until I've got at least a few posts up, because I want people to see my stuff when they come here, not just some shabby introduction, so really, I'm writing to e-air right now.

This will be mainly my art/crafts blog where I post my art, my creations, inspirations and anything related to creativity. I just thought I'd make use of my dusting blog that I created quite a while ago. I say you'll be seeing a range of things, from pixel art to traditonal art to various jewellery, but really, I think most you'll see are just doodles. I've never been much of a blog person, so let's see how far this one goes, but in the mean time, enjoy. :D

I'll start off by posting this little darling. She's pixelled and then animated by me from head to toe.

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